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At thenotary.app, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the notary industry by providing innovative, digital solutions tailored for notary professionals nationwide. Founded by industry experts with years of experience, our mission is to empower notaries with tools that streamline their workflow, enhance their online presence, and expand their customer reach. Our comprehensive suite of services includes professional website creation, nationwide directory listings, Google Maps visibility, and personalized scheduling links. We believe in simplifying the notarization process, making it more accessible and efficient for notaries and their clients alike. Trust us to be the partner your notary business needs to thrive in the digital age.

Our Story

Built by Notaries, for Notaries

TheNotaryApp is built by Notaries having decades of experience in Notarization industry with a deep understanding of Problems faced by Notaries

Our Product Enables you to focus and scale your business, while we take away Nitty-gritties of managing your communications, invoices etc

Our Solution helps your both Grow your Business and Manage your Business.

Our Mission

Empowering notaries for digital excellence & growth.

Our mission is to provide tailored software solutions that elevate notaries’ businesses. We strive to equip them with powerful tools for managing their work, connecting with clients, and optimizing operations. With our platform, notaries can access their work from anywhere, anytime, and enjoy the benefits of custom services designed to meet their unique needs.

Our Values

Customer Success

Your success drives ours. Priority service, every time.

Quality & Growth

Commitment to excellence and perpetual improvement.

New Technologies

Innovating with the latest tech for superior service.

Eco-friendly Practices

Sustainable materials & production for a greener future.

Our Founders

By Notaries, For Notaries

Ashley Bolden

Ashley Bolden

Co-Founder, Marketing & Business

“Ashley Bolden is an Experienced Notary and runs her own Signing Service”


Nandha Kumar

Nandha Kumar

Co-Founder, Product Mgmt & Engineering

“Nandha currently Leads Product Design & Engineering”


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